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Project Engineer

Rochester Hills, MI · Architecture/Engineering

Project Engineer

Company:  Fraenkische
Location:  Rochester Hills, MI
Industry:   Automotive


Project Engineer; Automotive – Rochester Hills, MI

Reports to:

Sales & Engineering Director, North America – Rochester Hills, MI

Direct reports:



The Engineering Manager or other Project Engineers will fill in for the job holder.

Position's Objective(s):

The employee will perform his/her duties, complying with health and safety laws, using modern findings, applying theoretical insights in practical contexts, using state-of–the- art equipment and adhering to the principles of profitability and market requirements.

Project Management Skills:

  • Coordinate project activities by addressing open topics in front of the customer in areas of Engineering, Quality, and Project Management with Automotive customers in NA.

  • Coordinate tooling and other project related activities with the global Fraenkische team (Czech, Germany, China, US, MX) for assigned projects being coordinated within the NA region, or with automotive customers originating in the NA region.

  • Develop, implement and coordinate timing plans for awarded automotive projects between customer and Fraenkische facility project teams. Hold teams accountable to timing agreed with the customer.


Engineering RH

Job ID:

Salaried Exempt

Automotive Project Engineer Job Description:

  • Develop and monitor timing plans for advanced development projects (ie Alpha and Beta builds). Coordinate appropriate location to build initial prototypes and work with Engineering/Sales to gain new awarded business

  • Assist with the training of employees in the Rochester Hills office in regard to project management, BABTEC, timelines, and other tools necessary to successfully man- age a project

    Engineering Acumen:

  • Must demonstrate ability to learn and communicate Fraenkische technology, pro- cess, design guidelines, strengths of our product offerings

  • Lead design discussions and fit Fraenkische technology into customer needs

  • Testing knowledge and experience is a benefit. Knowing how to source testing to local and intercompany test facilities. Tracking testing and meeting customer expectations on cost and timing of DV and PV testing.
  • ​Assist in the implementation of the Fraenkische – Rochester Hills Advanced Proto- type facility for early builds
  • Business travels to GER / MX / CN / Customer locations (frequency depending on project demand)
  • Stabilize customer relations and control of project changes. Proven competency by meet- ing customer requirements

Job Responsibilities:

The employee performs the following duties as assigned:

  • Assist the customer with proper understanding of Fraenkische design guidelines to meet their application.

  • Manage customer projects for prototype and serial production in coordination with the manufacturing facility utilizing BABTEC or other Project Management system implemented by Fraenkische.

  • Create BOM, assist purchasing with sourcing of components.

  • Manage customer support items such as DV/PV testing at laboratories in the Detroit area, and Germany as well as activities at tooling suppliers located in Michigan, Germany, and Czech.

  • Maintain relationships with customers by proactively calling meetings and presenting design solutions for existing programs.

  •  Interaction and coordination with manufacturing launch team regarding APQP launch and Engineering Change Process.

  • Schedule and conduct on-site visits with the customers to provide best in class support for projects

  • Observe and demonstrate compliance to the relevant legal provisions and regulations.

  • Ensure that the document flow is always in compliance with the requirements of our QA System and our Quality Management Handbook provisions.

  • In the event of discovering a deviation from specification, the employee has the authority to escalate the issue through the notification procedure, up to and including stopping production and activating the emergency action plan, if applicable.
  • In addition to the above outlined duties, the employee agrees to perform such other duties as may be reasonably necessary and as may be reasonably required within the level of the job at the direction of the supervisor.

Special permits:

The employee may:

  • Use a company car.
  • ​Incur reasonable expenses within the existing guidelines.

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