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Licensed Nurse Practitioner (LPN)

Rochester Hills, MI

Licensed Nurse Practitioner (LPN)

Company:  Medical Office
Specialities:  Oncology & Internal Medicine
Location:  Rochester Hills, Michigan
Position:  Full-Time

About the Job:  

The medical office is looking for a compassionate Licensed Nurse Practitioner to join their growing team!  

Your duties will include recording patients' medical histories, performing medical assessments, administering diagnostic tests, and creating patient care plans. You will also administer treatment and observe patients' functioning over time.

To be successful as a nurse practitioner, you should be empathic but resolute in your decision-making, and attentive to detail. Ultimately, a top-notch nurse practitioner will exhibit cultural competence and exceptional teamwork skills.

Job Duties:
  • Recording & Updating patient medical records
  • Documenting symptoms
  • Drawing blood
  • Monitoring oncology patients during chemotherapy treatment
  • Performing detailed examinations of the patient
  • Creating and implementing treatment plans
  • Coordinating with other medical professionals and specialists as necessary
  • Monitoring patients to determine if treatment is successful and, if not, to identify which adjustments might be made
  • Certified Licensed Nurse Practitioner in the state of Michigan
  • Experience in providing primary care and medical assessments for patients
  • Ability to draw blood
  • Has a sound understanding of all pertinent federal and state regulations
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

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