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Registered Nurse & Licensed Practical Unit Manager

Clinton Township, MI · Healthcare
Registered Nurse & Licensed Practical Nurse- Unit Manager

​Organization: Church of Christ Care Center
Industry: Nursing Home
Location: Clinton Township, Michigan
Position:  RN or LPN Unit Manager

SUPERVISOR: Directly accountable to the Clinical Care Coordinator
AREA OF SUPERVISION: Certified Nursing Assistants
License/Registration: Must be a graduate of a state approved school of Professional Nursing.  Must hold a current, unencumbered license in the State of Michigan as a licensed nurse (R.N. or L.PN.).
Job Knowledge: Evidence of Basic leadership skills and supervision.
JOB SUMMARY: The Staff Nurse is responsible for the immediate direction and supervision of nursing care provided to residents on his or her shift.
  • Lifts and carries light objects such as resident charts, resident care items, etc. without assistance.
  • Occasionally transfers up to 75 pounds with assistance while lifting, positioning and transferring residents.
  • Pushes/pulls medication carts requiring force of 10-30 pounds on tile floors.
  • Pushes/pulls residents weighing 70-250 pounds in wheelchairs and geri-chairs
  • Reposition residents weighing 70-250 pounds in bed for treatments, nursing procedures and as needed.
  • Manipulates medication carts through doorways and into close fitting areas.
  • Stands and walks up to 75% of an eight-hour day to provide resident care.
  • Stoops, bends and squats, using proper body mechanics, as required to reach lower drawers in medication carts, adjust resident items and give medications.
  • Possesses coordination to administer medications, injections, etc. and to assess resident vital signs.
  • Able to wear gloves and other personal protective equipment.
  • Occasional reaching overhead to obtain supplies and/or medications.
  • Possesses skills for continuous handling, fingering and feeling required for palpation, operation and maintenance of equipment and providing medical treatments for abnormal conditions, such as wound care, resident care and medication administration.
  • Possesses necessary skills to continuously comprehend and communicate with residents and co­workers; to follow written plans of care and to respond to emergency alarms and situations.
  • Identifies residents, call lights, unusual occurrences.
  • Ability to read small print in typed and written materials, thermometers, and assess changes in residents' conditions.
  • Ability to distinguish normal sounds with background noises ranging from conversational levels to high pitched sounding alarms
  • Ability to distinguish sounds via stethoscopes, respiratory status of residents and interpret low voice levels.
  • Concentration on moderate and/or fine detail with frequent interruptions necessary to perform variety of nursing tasks.
  • Attention span necessary to perform fine detailed nursing tasks.
  • Understands and relates to multi-disciplinary theories and related concepts.
  • Remembers multiple messages, information and task assignments.
  • Ability to perform CPR, Heimlich Maneuver
  • Occasional exposure to blood/body fluids.
  • Frequent exposure to bacteria and other infectious agents inherent to caring for residents.
  • Frequent exposure to chemical compounds of medications and treatments.
  • Exposure to chemicals such as disinfectants, cleansers, soaps, as identified in the MSDS manual.
  • Exposure to latex, plastic and other materials used for personal protective equipment.
  • Occasional exposure to bodily injury due to unpredictable behaviors of residents.
  • Occasional exposure to loud and unpleasant noises due to resident behavior.
  • Seasonal exposure to high humidity and/or heat due to residents' options to control their environment.
  • Assigns tasks to nurse assistants for the direction of nursing care of specific residents according to Nursing Policies and Procedures.
  • Participate in meetings and educational programs.
  • Be flexible, receptive, and adaptive to change.
  • Apply principles of good housekeeping and safety.
  • Participate in customer relations with appropriate professional behavior and attire.
  • Directs and supervises the nurse assistants rendering care.
  • Ensures that all documentation of nursing assistants is completed at the end of the shift.
  • Makes frequent rounds during the shift to ensure that residents are properly dressed, bathed, shaved, turned, and positioned, etc.
  • Serve as a role model and monitor staff, assuring that Universal Precautions are being followed.
  • Assist in training, supervising, counseling and evaluating assigned staff.
  • Knowledge of organizational structure and duties.
  • Respect Resident Rights and assure that others are doing the same..
  • Call or accept verbal orders from resident's physician and transcribe them as per policy and procedure.
  • Administer medications, and insures that all treatments prescribed by the physician are completed and documented as per physician's orders as well as, monitor for effectiveness and possible side effects.  In the absence of the treatment tech will be responsible for treatments as ordered and documentation.
  • Operate equipment required for resident care, such as pulse oximeter, EKG machine, suction equipment, oxygen equipment, etc.
  • Assist physician as needed with examination of residents, making rounds, reviewing orders and keeping physician apprised of resident's condition.
  • Admit or readmit residents to the facility per the policy and procedure.
  • Prepare resident for transfer to another facility or hospital along with proper documentation and notifications.
  • Informs responsible party, physician and staff of changes in condition, accident or medication orders, on a timely basis.
  • Accurately complete Monthly Summaries as assigned on a daily basis.
  • Properly complete 24-hour report sheet and give report to oncoming shift relative to incidents, accidents, changes in condition, family complaints, physical plant problems, etc.
  • Initiate initial Resident Care Plans and update care plans in residents' charts as needed.
  • Maintain the residents' clinical records and accurately document observations, changes in condition and interventions.
  • Documents daily on Medicare Part A residents.
  • Maintain and safeguard confidential information.
  • Verify inventory of Controlled Substances every shift.
  • Basic knowledge regarding Federal, State and Local laws and regulations relating to resident care.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.

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